Transform Your Mornings in 5 Minutes with little habit!

Transform Your Mornings in 5 Minutes with little habit!

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  • September 6, 2021
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Have you been looking for some quick and short energy-starters to begin your day?
Here were the good news for you! 7 little habits that can transform your morning and it only take less than five minutes! Hope these tiny habits would impact your day in an unexpected good ways as well as makes you feel energized enough.

Let’s transform the morning for the better!!!

1. Make the bed

Dean Sand Queen Upholstered Panel Bed in 2021 | Upholstered panel bed,  Panel bed, Queen bed decor

How to Short Sheet a Bed in two minute.

2. Breathe

330 Out of breath Vector Images - Free & Royalty-free Out of breath Vectors  | Depositphotos®

Breathe formula:
Inhale for three counts, pause,
inhale for three more counts, pause,
exhale for six counts.
Repeat this formula three to five times.

3. Stay away from your phone

Three don’t to enjoy your morning : “Don’t look at it. Don’t pick it up. Don’t touch it,” purposefully keep your phone off in the morning, you will noticed some difference toward your outlook.

Can’t control yourself say no to your phone? Try keeping your phone on airplane mode everytime before sleep or don’t bring your phone to the room. You also encourage to spend at least 30 minutes to an hour in the morning exercising, bathing, eating breakfast or prepare to do list before reach for your phone.

4. Look in the mirror and smile

24,525 Smile Woman Mirror Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime
You are much pretty!

5. Stretch your body 

Yoga stretches that you can easily do in bed without a mat

6. Start your day the night before

Always prepare for the next day before sleep, for example, to-do list, fill up your water bottle or pack the beg. If you plan work out next day, prepare your gym bag the night before.

7. Drink water 

4 reasons why drinking water for weight loss helps

Start your day with a war water!

Transform your morning now with these tiny habits!

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